The Homestretch


Hello, plummites!  To put things simply, plum is GETTING STUFF DONE.  We have a lot of stuff edited and we’re at the point where we’re making a lot of finishing touches on some scenes and the only big things we have left are at OPR.  Our music is coming along, thanks to Mike Van der linden!  We have some awesome ghetto beats as well as other things.  He have a few weeks until our due date so we’re confident that we will not only get this done, but we’ll have enough time to make it amazing.  Being assistant director, I obviously haven’t been as hands on as the directors, but Matt, Jenny and Kayla have really been giving me a chance lately.  I’ve really been learning a lot and even though this project may be coming to a tragic end soon… I’ll be excited to show my stuff next year when I carry on the plum legacy.  Must be a plum thing.


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