Strange Week


What up plum chums?  Its been a strange week here in the plum universe.  Kayla was late, Casey mysteriously disappeared (presumably absent), and Matt decided to embrace his western ancestry and wear a cowboy hat.  Let the record show that this hat was indeed chewed on by a horse.  This day was fairly dramatic, as Matt and Mike had almost no idea what to do while Kayla was off on her tardy adventures and Casey was off on his ninja training.  We had our script meeting, too, which went pretty well.  Since then we’ve spent basically every class making changes to the script.  Why did this take so long?  Well that probably has to do with the fact that Mr. St.Martin brought four pages of notes to the meeting.  But in all seriousness, this is going to be a great movie.  We met our star (Matthew St.Martin) as well, who brought a youthful plum energy to the group.  Right about now it’s 20 minutes to lunch, and I’m getting pretty hungry.  A plum sounds delicious, however that would be cannibalism.  We (and by we, I mean Mike) made our mascot.  Princess Penelope Plum in now residing on her pedestal after her exquisite stay in the fruit’s nest.  Thats right, plum was in the fruit’s nest.  The most important part of this?  The five points in music trivs, of course.  We needed that.  Must be a plum thing.


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