Plumville, U.S.A.


Hey everybody!

Lots happening in Plumville, USA this week.  Most exciting, we finally finished all our pre-pro!  That includes storyboarding, shotlisting, making Marvin get a haircut, and all the scheduling for January.  Getting that done is a big weight off our shoulders, and now when we film everything will go incredibly smoothly.

We have finished up casting as well.  Plum is proud to say that Tim Conley will be playing Clarence and Shane Blast will be playing Jerome.  We met with them about costumes and they see like the perfect entourage for Marvin.  Also, Kayla has agreed to play Lalena and so will be spending some time in front of the camera as well as behind it.  I can’t wait to give her convoluted directions and make her shoot the same line 4 times like we did to our actors last year…it should be pretty fun!

Other big news: Kayla and I went to OPR elementary school to meet with the 1st grade class we’ll be working with.  They seem like great kids and were excited about the movie! We can’t wait to film with them over midyears week.  Luckily we’re way to cool to study cus we’ll be spending a few hours every day at OPR.

Also, plum has had an epiphany.  At awards night last year, Kayla turned to me and said “Don’t worry, we’ll be walking that stage next year”.  Or something like that.  And now here we are, with a killer script, monster crew, talented actors, and more drive than a trucker going from Cali to Massachusetts.  Mediocrity is not an option.   Plum is about to bring the heat full throttle, kids, so if I were you I’d stockpile some waters and put on sunglasses.  Or whatever it is you do to prepare for extreme heat.  The plum train is coming, and its gunna chu-chu straight up to the stage on award night.  You heard it here first.

This has been Jenny from period two with a pretentious, metaphor-filled blog.

Must be a plum thing.


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