So this week at plum we finished our revisions of the amazing script.  According to Alan, it was plumtastic.  It was also mentioned that plum always trumps mulberry.  True.  We have an alumn here today (Sadly, not an aplumn).  If all goes as planned, John McKeon will give us some much needed points in music trivs.  Which, by the way, I’m not exactly sure why we didn’t get five points for the fruit’s nest this week.  Our revisions were plumtastic.  PLUMTASTIC. If thats not fruit’s nest worthy, I don’t know what is.  We’re scheduling at the moment and we hope to be done by mid-next week.  The main issue is the first grade class.  I’m not exactly sure how we can just show up to a class of first graders and shove a camera in their face, but I’m planning to give it my all.  Trying to get a class of 25+ first graders to not look at the camera should be interesting.  Back to John, he would like a shout out to Boysenberry and Jujube.  Even though Plum is above both of those crews, I guess we can give them a measly shout out.  Must be a plum thing.

P.S. John is conceited


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