Plum 3.0


Hey everybody!

Plum 3.0 here reporting for action!  Don’t worry, I totally understand why you’re crying right now.  Here you were, perusing through the 2012 blogs, feeling rather alone and hopeless because your favorite crew, your light in the dark room of life, the ying to your yang, and the sugarplum to your fairy, had supposedly disbanded.  But then suddenly, you notice a delicious looking purple plum right here on the blog page! That’s right folks, plum in back in action, with Kayla Sweeney and Jenny Landon back at the helm! Didn’t think we would let plum go to the wayside would we?  We’re super happy to be working together again, and can’t wait to put all that we learned last year into practice.

We have some fresh new plum blood, and we’re finally adding some male prowess to our directing team with Matt Johnson and Mike McKeon coming on board.  It seems the sugar plum fairy gods are smiling on us, and we couldn’t be happier to have these two on plum!

So far plum is pretty busy getting our pre-production work started.  So far the vision is done, and so soon we’ll start shot-listing, storyboarding, and cutting out fairies to tape all over the room!  Speaking of which, Kayla and I just found out that we won’t be shooting in HD, which is actually a good thing cus now we can stay in the English computer lab instead of Mr. Alan’s room, so we can decorate, cause a scene and generally eat dum-dums in a fashion that would not be okay in Alan’s room.  If you’re looking for plum, you know where to find us!

This has been Jenny reporting from period two, (I’ll admit it, we’re the ‘other’ film class)

Peace, Love, and Plum.


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