So Plum has officially formed an alliance! The name? Pluckleberry.  Genius, I know.  So there you go, Plum, Huckleberry, and Cranberry have join forces.  In other news we are done done done done done with pre-pro.  The shot lists are finished and the wardrobe drawings have been finalized.  Thanks to our amazing art director, the organization of the outfits is outstanding.  Filming this week went great too!  Matthew (playing Anthony) and Marvin immediately clicked.  They’re a great duo and I’m sure they’ll be hilarious together.  We’re done with two scenes and so far we’re really liking the way they came out.  Matthew St.Martin is a star in the making.  We can tell he’s really excited to be a part of this and we’re excited to have him too!  Next week we’ll be going over to Old Post Road to hang with some first graders!  Pretty excited.  Yes, we have our challenges, but we can totally handle it.  Must be a plum thing.


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