Penelope is Back!


Hello all you plum fans out there! I hope you’re all still living after that video, I know it inspires heart attacks.  We were hoping that Casey would have one but…no such luck.  Just kidding we wouldn’t want anyone to have a heart attack!  But we did want Penelope back.

Speaking of, there has been lots of developments in the fruit wars.  If you’ve been following film twitter you’ve seen all the hints surrounding missing fruits.  After translating Arabic and googling the hits of 1986, we finally found where Penelope was!  But unfortunately we had to wait a few hours to get her because no one in our crew is tall enough to see into the ceiling…ugh.  But now she is safe and sound.  We also sent her on a little vacation (all expenses paid by Mr. Alan) to the fruit’s nest!

In other big news, we’ve had a new member added to our crew!! we are proud to say that Chris Nash has come on as a plum fairy in period two.  I told Mr. Alan that I wanted someone to be my general companion and who  I could call and cry to on the weekends about all my problems…but instead we got Nashy and he seems like he’s going to be a great addition to the crew! Plumber lovin’.

As far as actual film stuff goes we’ve gotten a few things done..we are continually working on scheduling and have shot a few more scenes.  Tomorrow we are filming with TC and Shane for the first time, so that should be good. We’re just generally getting stuff done. Must be a plum thing.  Dueces.


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