MISSING: Princess Penelope Plum

Height: Approx. 13 cm.

Last Seen wearing a tutu and crown

Enjoys eating biscuits

So things are getting serious in the Plumverse.  Penelope is missing.  The latest rumors of her hiding spot include the roof of the school and in the ceiling.  For more frequent updates be sure to follow our twitter (@WHSplumcrew) and keep watch for the hashtag #Fruitwars.  Plum is also being blamed for the disappearance of two other fruits.  Poma and Cherry, to be exact.  This assumption is preposterous, however, as we were not even in the school for the disappearance of our fruity neighbors from across the hall.  Our detective work is pointing us in the direction of Casey McGuill as the fruit thief responsible for the three victims.  Our “detective work” being the fact that he just told us.   Our belief is that Casey took the fruits and publicly blamed us for the kidnapping when we weren’t around to defend ourselves.  Alliances have been broken.  Betrayal rates are sky high.  We’re on to you McGuill.

In other news (far less exciting), we’ve gotten quite a bit done this week.  We made it over to Old Post Road and filmed the last scene between Anthony and the little girl.  This scene was promptly subclipped and edited by yours truly (creds to Kayla as well, who fixed some of the issues I was having trouble fixing).  Along with other things, a bigger accomplishment would be that we finished “Marvin studies,” or first montage!  Ladies and gentlemen, Marvin has indeed studied.  We just need to finish up the “Swirlie” part of the montage and we can check the whole thing off our list.

Alright, so since I started writing this blog, some “things” have been done involving the Fruit Wars.  Penelope has been moved.  Few people are aware of her location.  We have received a video demanding fruits to be returned.  If we don’t return them we will be receiving “limbs” on the daily.  Two issues.  1: Penelope doesn’t have limbs.  2: We don’t have the fruits to return.  If you can’t follow this, let me clear it up.  Penelope was stolen.  Plum is being blamed for two other kidnappings.  The actual thief (Casey) is a punk who doesn’t know what a limb is.  Penelope is going to be ripped to shreds unless Casey gives the fruits back.  Don’t worry, concerned fans, we will find her.  Must be a plum thing.


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