Dump Trucks, Organization, and Swirlies


Well hello there, plum followers!  Let me start be telling you that plum is more organized than ever!  We (and by we, I mean Kayla) set up several new systems which will help us be more efficient than EVER.  Most organized crew? I think so.  On the computer we have a list of scenes which clearly states if the scene has been scheduled, filmed, and/or edited.  Off of the computer, on our little wall/partition, we have a list of scenes including the shots we can get while we don’t have our little star, Matthew.  This will speed up our filming, and were excited to get stuff done where we previously thought we couldn’t.

As per usual, we got some filming done.  We went back to OPR and filmed with all the girls in Matthew’s class.  There were a lot of great options and sifting through each of them will be interesting.  We got some scene done at the high school, as well.  One accomplishment was getting a lot done with Mr. Hahn.  We’ve gotten most of his lines done so we just need to get Marvin’s lines to finish off these scenes.  Luckily, we don’t need Mr.Hahn to be there though, as long as we can use his office.

Our art direction is pretty much finished, our awesome art direction crew has brought in everything we needed, from crayons, to dump trucks, to flowers, to posters.  So this is a huge thanks you/shout out to our crew!

And today we’re going to be filming the swirlie scene with me (Mike)… which should be interesting… I won’t say whether or not I’m excited, because, well… Believe it or not, getting this much hair wet is a pain, as it sometimes forgets to dry.   Anyway, we have a lot planned over vacation, especially with Matthew, so you can expect a killer blog next week.  Must be a plum thing.


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