Communication Breakdown


Hello all,

lots happening in plum land these days.  Fruit wars have ceased, so thats good because now we can actually get work done.  We have been filming a lot, and have shot several more scenes.  We also made a new custodian friend who filmed a scene with us, his film festival debut so that’s a plus.  We had a couple setbacks this week, including miscommunication (or rather lack of communication) between us and OPR, canceled filming with Hahn, and most important recasting.  We haven’t actually told Shane and TC yet, but they’ve been fired…we need to start getting scenes done in class so we are replacing them with guys in period 2.  We haven’t decided for sure but it looks like Nashy is going to be starring as Clarence!  Hopefully this recast will help us start getting more scenes done in class.  We’re basically going to be dominating and getting work done.  so yeah.  we rock. must be a plum thing.


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