So I was sitting at lunch with Mr. St. Martin last March. Topic of discussion: Marvin Jean-Simon. We wanted to think of a concept that would center around a role that Marvin could flex all his acting talents. The result was Marvin the Mentor. Passed the idea along to Fast Jimmy Gillon. He had the first draft done by the end of E block. This is a terrific script—and yet, it is such a simple story. There are no big set pieces or faculty cameos; just a simple story about a trouble-maker learning life lessons from the least likely of students—a first grader. Now some people may think that it is a funny little coincidence that Mr. St. Martin helped develop the idea and now his son, Matthew, is playing the role of the first grader. Hey, that is the kind of pull that winning Best Faculty Performance will get you. Not only does this movie have the acting chemistry of Marvin and Matthew, but it is now anchored by Elias Mbogga and Chris  Nash—both of whom are hysterical. The movie is being directed by the two senior directors with the most Film Festival experience: Jenny Landon and Kayla Sweeney. These girls are the head of one of the more pugnacious crews: Plum. The girls have indoctrinated their junior director, Matt Johnson, and asst. director Little McKeon to their Plum ways. They style themselves in the mold of Raspberry from Year 5 and Buddha’s Hand from Year 8. In other words, they don’t take any crap of any other crew and are all about promoting their crew’s plumtastic talent. Of course, this attitude directly lead to the Fruit Wars of 2012, but has also fueled their determination to knock this movie out of the park. And from what I have seen so far, they are doing just that. Must be a plum thing.

Buzz: A Venti Black Iced Coffee with a shot of espresso.


When Paige graduated, Plum immediately lost its Music Trivs fire. They’re left with some embers that can spark up from time to time, like Jenny and Johnson; but overall, they are in need of help. Marvin claims he knows rap, but he has trouble beating Meyers and Erwin to the punch. Their only hope is Mr. St. Martin, who played over vacation and earned them almost ten points.


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