Busy Weeks


Hey everybody! So these weeks have been really busy for plum, and that’s why we haven’t really had a chance to blog. sorry. Make movies > making blogs. We’ve got a lot done these past few weeks, including several big scenes, so we only have a few more scenes left, although that’s hard to believe.  Most of the filming we have left we have to do at opr, so its kind of hard to schedule and we’re going to have to be super productive when we are there in order to get the scenes done. But we will of course! Luckily Mrs. Killeen is awesome and very helpful and lets us come in whenever we need too. Big thanks to her!

Hey all on the plum blog! plum neighbor JMAC here.. Bored as usual in another class so seeking refuge in the film room. As far as I can tell their movie’s going pretty well, and Matthew St. Martin is proving to be a star, even though I only see him when he’s running around the english wing before filming. Penelope Plum seems to be gone, and I wish my lovely neighbors best of luck in replacing her, since Cherry has officially eliminated their beloved Plum Fairy. Although it may be difficult since it is like trying to replace a child in their hearts, and they will always remember the wonderful times they have had with her (as seen in many photobooth pictures). Well I should go back to class now but I send my condolences to the plum crew over their loss. That’s all folks!

Oh and the lovely Ali Ajemian says hi.

Well, hi i’m back.  so JMAC pretty much summed up everything thats going on here. Soon enough everything will be shot and we’ll have to work on editing everything and putting music to it.  Right now we have a lot of people working on our music, including Bambi,  Mikey VanDerLinden, and possibly even some songs made by Joe Ajemian.  We need a large variety, with some scenes requiring ghetto beats and other scenes songs that fit the elementary school.  So thats exciting!

Now we are NOT eating cake. I don’t know what would give anyone that idea.  Must be a plum thing.


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