The Sweeney Seven Sins


Sweeney Seven Sins

(A.K.A What you’re not allowed to say during film crunch week)

1. “We don’t have enough time!”

2. “It’s fine.”

3. “No one will notice.”

4. “It’s no big deal!”

5. “I have hours.”

6. “Oh no”

7. “Yeah, you can get a haircut.”

Watch your mouth.  Must be a Plum thing.


The Homestretch


Hello, plummites!  To put things simply, plum is GETTING STUFF DONE.  We have a lot of stuff edited and we’re at the point where we’re making a lot of finishing touches on some scenes and the only big things we have left are at OPR.  Our music is coming along, thanks to Mike Van der linden!  We have some awesome ghetto beats as well as other things.  He have a few weeks until our due date so we’re confident that we will not only get this done, but we’ll have enough time to make it amazing.  Being assistant director, I obviously haven’t been as hands on as the directors, but Matt, Jenny and Kayla have really been giving me a chance lately.  I’ve really been learning a lot and even though this project may be coming to a tragic end soon… I’ll be excited to show my stuff next year when I carry on the plum legacy.  Must be a plum thing.

Busy Weeks


Hey everybody! So these weeks have been really busy for plum, and that’s why we haven’t really had a chance to blog. sorry. Make movies > making blogs. We’ve got a lot done these past few weeks, including several big scenes, so we only have a few more scenes left, although that’s hard to believe.  Most of the filming we have left we have to do at opr, so its kind of hard to schedule and we’re going to have to be super productive when we are there in order to get the scenes done. But we will of course! Luckily Mrs. Killeen is awesome and very helpful and lets us come in whenever we need too. Big thanks to her!

Hey all on the plum blog! plum neighbor JMAC here.. Bored as usual in another class so seeking refuge in the film room. As far as I can tell their movie’s going pretty well, and Matthew St. Martin is proving to be a star, even though I only see him when he’s running around the english wing before filming. Penelope Plum seems to be gone, and I wish my lovely neighbors best of luck in replacing her, since Cherry has officially eliminated their beloved Plum Fairy. Although it may be difficult since it is like trying to replace a child in their hearts, and they will always remember the wonderful times they have had with her (as seen in many photobooth pictures). Well I should go back to class now but I send my condolences to the plum crew over their loss. That’s all folks!

Oh and the lovely Ali Ajemian says hi.

Well, hi i’m back.  so JMAC pretty much summed up everything thats going on here. Soon enough everything will be shot and we’ll have to work on editing everything and putting music to it.  Right now we have a lot of people working on our music, including Bambi,  Mikey VanDerLinden, and possibly even some songs made by Joe Ajemian.  We need a large variety, with some scenes requiring ghetto beats and other scenes songs that fit the elementary school.  So thats exciting!

Now we are NOT eating cake. I don’t know what would give anyone that idea.  Must be a plum thing.



So I was sitting at lunch with Mr. St. Martin last March. Topic of discussion: Marvin Jean-Simon. We wanted to think of a concept that would center around a role that Marvin could flex all his acting talents. The result was Marvin the Mentor. Passed the idea along to Fast Jimmy Gillon. He had the first draft done by the end of E block. This is a terrific script—and yet, it is such a simple story. There are no big set pieces or faculty cameos; just a simple story about a trouble-maker learning life lessons from the least likely of students—a first grader. Now some people may think that it is a funny little coincidence that Mr. St. Martin helped develop the idea and now his son, Matthew, is playing the role of the first grader. Hey, that is the kind of pull that winning Best Faculty Performance will get you. Not only does this movie have the acting chemistry of Marvin and Matthew, but it is now anchored by Elias Mbogga and Chris  Nash—both of whom are hysterical. The movie is being directed by the two senior directors with the most Film Festival experience: Jenny Landon and Kayla Sweeney. These girls are the head of one of the more pugnacious crews: Plum. The girls have indoctrinated their junior director, Matt Johnson, and asst. director Little McKeon to their Plum ways. They style themselves in the mold of Raspberry from Year 5 and Buddha’s Hand from Year 8. In other words, they don’t take any crap of any other crew and are all about promoting their crew’s plumtastic talent. Of course, this attitude directly lead to the Fruit Wars of 2012, but has also fueled their determination to knock this movie out of the park. And from what I have seen so far, they are doing just that. Must be a plum thing.

Buzz: A Venti Black Iced Coffee with a shot of espresso.


When Paige graduated, Plum immediately lost its Music Trivs fire. They’re left with some embers that can spark up from time to time, like Jenny and Johnson; but overall, they are in need of help. Marvin claims he knows rap, but he has trouble beating Meyers and Erwin to the punch. Their only hope is Mr. St. Martin, who played over vacation and earned them almost ten points.

Dump Trucks, Organization, and Swirlies


Well hello there, plum followers!  Let me start be telling you that plum is more organized than ever!  We (and by we, I mean Kayla) set up several new systems which will help us be more efficient than EVER.  Most organized crew? I think so.  On the computer we have a list of scenes which clearly states if the scene has been scheduled, filmed, and/or edited.  Off of the computer, on our little wall/partition, we have a list of scenes including the shots we can get while we don’t have our little star, Matthew.  This will speed up our filming, and were excited to get stuff done where we previously thought we couldn’t.

As per usual, we got some filming done.  We went back to OPR and filmed with all the girls in Matthew’s class.  There were a lot of great options and sifting through each of them will be interesting.  We got some scene done at the high school, as well.  One accomplishment was getting a lot done with Mr. Hahn.  We’ve gotten most of his lines done so we just need to get Marvin’s lines to finish off these scenes.  Luckily, we don’t need Mr.Hahn to be there though, as long as we can use his office.

Our art direction is pretty much finished, our awesome art direction crew has brought in everything we needed, from crayons, to dump trucks, to flowers, to posters.  So this is a huge thanks you/shout out to our crew!

And today we’re going to be filming the swirlie scene with me (Mike)… which should be interesting… I won’t say whether or not I’m excited, because, well… Believe it or not, getting this much hair wet is a pain, as it sometimes forgets to dry.   Anyway, we have a lot planned over vacation, especially with Matthew, so you can expect a killer blog next week.  Must be a plum thing.

Communication Breakdown


Hello all,

lots happening in plum land these days.  Fruit wars have ceased, so thats good because now we can actually get work done.  We have been filming a lot, and have shot several more scenes.  We also made a new custodian friend who filmed a scene with us, his film festival debut so that’s a plus.  We had a couple setbacks this week, including miscommunication (or rather lack of communication) between us and OPR, canceled filming with Hahn, and most important recasting.  We haven’t actually told Shane and TC yet, but they’ve been fired…we need to start getting scenes done in class so we are replacing them with guys in period 2.  We haven’t decided for sure but it looks like Nashy is going to be starring as Clarence!  Hopefully this recast will help us start getting more scenes done in class.  We’re basically going to be dominating and getting work done.  so yeah.  we rock. must be a plum thing.

Penelope is Back!


Hello all you plum fans out there! I hope you’re all still living after that video, I know it inspires heart attacks.  We were hoping that Casey would have one but…no such luck.  Just kidding we wouldn’t want anyone to have a heart attack!  But we did want Penelope back.

Speaking of, there has been lots of developments in the fruit wars.  If you’ve been following film twitter you’ve seen all the hints surrounding missing fruits.  After translating Arabic and googling the hits of 1986, we finally found where Penelope was!  But unfortunately we had to wait a few hours to get her because no one in our crew is tall enough to see into the ceiling…ugh.  But now she is safe and sound.  We also sent her on a little vacation (all expenses paid by Mr. Alan) to the fruit’s nest!

In other big news, we’ve had a new member added to our crew!! we are proud to say that Chris Nash has come on as a plum fairy in period two.  I told Mr. Alan that I wanted someone to be my general companion and who  I could call and cry to on the weekends about all my problems…but instead we got Nashy and he seems like he’s going to be a great addition to the crew! Plumber lovin’.

As far as actual film stuff goes we’ve gotten a few things done..we are continually working on scheduling and have shot a few more scenes.  Tomorrow we are filming with TC and Shane for the first time, so that should be good. We’re just generally getting stuff done. Must be a plum thing.  Dueces.



MISSING: Princess Penelope Plum

Height: Approx. 13 cm.

Last Seen wearing a tutu and crown

Enjoys eating biscuits

So things are getting serious in the Plumverse.  Penelope is missing.  The latest rumors of her hiding spot include the roof of the school and in the ceiling.  For more frequent updates be sure to follow our twitter (@WHSplumcrew) and keep watch for the hashtag #Fruitwars.  Plum is also being blamed for the disappearance of two other fruits.  Poma and Cherry, to be exact.  This assumption is preposterous, however, as we were not even in the school for the disappearance of our fruity neighbors from across the hall.  Our detective work is pointing us in the direction of Casey McGuill as the fruit thief responsible for the three victims.  Our “detective work” being the fact that he just told us.   Our belief is that Casey took the fruits and publicly blamed us for the kidnapping when we weren’t around to defend ourselves.  Alliances have been broken.  Betrayal rates are sky high.  We’re on to you McGuill.

In other news (far less exciting), we’ve gotten quite a bit done this week.  We made it over to Old Post Road and filmed the last scene between Anthony and the little girl.  This scene was promptly subclipped and edited by yours truly (creds to Kayla as well, who fixed some of the issues I was having trouble fixing).  Along with other things, a bigger accomplishment would be that we finished “Marvin studies,” or first montage!  Ladies and gentlemen, Marvin has indeed studied.  We just need to finish up the “Swirlie” part of the montage and we can check the whole thing off our list.

Alright, so since I started writing this blog, some “things” have been done involving the Fruit Wars.  Penelope has been moved.  Few people are aware of her location.  We have received a video demanding fruits to be returned.  If we don’t return them we will be receiving “limbs” on the daily.  Two issues.  1: Penelope doesn’t have limbs.  2: We don’t have the fruits to return.  If you can’t follow this, let me clear it up.  Penelope was stolen.  Plum is being blamed for two other kidnappings.  The actual thief (Casey) is a punk who doesn’t know what a limb is.  Penelope is going to be ripped to shreds unless Casey gives the fruits back.  Don’t worry, concerned fans, we will find her.  Must be a plum thing.



So Plum has officially formed an alliance! The name? Pluckleberry.  Genius, I know.  So there you go, Plum, Huckleberry, and Cranberry have join forces.  In other news we are done done done done done with pre-pro.  The shot lists are finished and the wardrobe drawings have been finalized.  Thanks to our amazing art director, the organization of the outfits is outstanding.  Filming this week went great too!  Matthew (playing Anthony) and Marvin immediately clicked.  They’re a great duo and I’m sure they’ll be hilarious together.  We’re done with two scenes and so far we’re really liking the way they came out.  Matthew St.Martin is a star in the making.  We can tell he’s really excited to be a part of this and we’re excited to have him too!  Next week we’ll be going over to Old Post Road to hang with some first graders!  Pretty excited.  Yes, we have our challenges, but we can totally handle it.  Must be a plum thing.